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The Englishman's cover reveal has been announced on Twitter! It's really odd to see my name appear there, and in connection with a book that I have written. O-d-d.
What is also odd is that the moment a girl posts a few pictures of a few nekkid men on her website, her friends start screeching in protest. "Harrison Ford should be on there, as John Book in Witness!" - Yes, but Harrison Ford isn't English, and let's face it, he is getting on a bit, even though he was so scrumptious in Witness." Another friend wanted me to take down the picture of Hugh Laurie, "because I mean, really, he isn't - I mean, Hugh Laurie?" Yes, Hugh Laurie, the world's sexiest doctor! And incidentally, some of us gurrrls, like Emma Thompson and Yours Truly, knew he was hot well before he ever auditioned for House. Did you never see Maybe Baybe? Although Greg House's curmudgeonliness makes him even hotter, no doubt about that. Oh, and a third friend thinks that the photo of Ralph Fiennes is naff. It's the hound, I think. The thing is, there aren't very many pictures of 'Rafe' in the buff out there. And I like the dog. And the bod. And anyway, it's my novel!

So there was a mini-kerfuffle about The Sexiest Englishmen of Our Time. Wanna join in?

How it all came about ...

Picture me, dear reader, a few winters ago: overwhelmed by a new job, a workload that made Victorian millworkers look like loafing scroungers, dislocated, alienated by the natives, lonely and down-hearted. What can a girl do?
She plonks down on her sofa with a glass of the same (plonk, that is) and imagines a better life. In other words, she starts writing a story about a young woman overwhelmed by a new job, dislocated, alienated by the natives, lonely and -- in love. I wasn't yet sure whether being in love would make my heroine happy or unhappy, but I figured that as long as I was fantasising, I might as well pull out all the stops of probability.

Chapter by chapter, writing whenever I could snatch a few moments, I uploaded my story online and - the readers liked it! Among those who liked it were the wonderful ladies at Omnific, who offered to publish it. Needless to say, I leapt at the opportunity!